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Ken Robertson

Ken is a unique real estate professional. With a background in institutional real estate investments where he executed billions of dollars in transaction volume on behalf of pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional investors. Ken has a gift for connecting with people, bringing sophisticated insights to bear while also providing personal attention and care for those he serves.

A California native, Ken was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and grew up in South Orange County.

Ken received his professional start working on the commercial real estate sector, focused on corporate real estate and office, industrial, and retail investment properties.

Ken started his career working for Heisman Trophy winner, NFL superstar, and real estate entrepreneur Roger Staubach, later as founder of a thriving shopping center development company and then making a significant impact for Newport beach-based real estate investing giant Koll Bren Schreiber.

More than anything else, a passion for working with people has guided Ken's real estate career, creating unique opportunities for success that has spanned over 25 years.

Today, Ken brings a unique blend of hard work, personal care, and an advisor's mindset to each situation. "Each client success is a chance to make a difference and create trustworthy relationships that stand the test of time."

He knows the nuances of South Orange County coastal cities well, deploying creative and savvy strategies on behalf of sellers, buyers, and investors.

Ken earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from California State University, Long Beach, and his Master's in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.


Career Timeline
to 1996
Bachelor of Science,
Career Timeline
to 2003
Senior Vice President
of Staubach
Career Timeline
to 2010
Founder and
President of
TR Realty Partners
Career Timeline
to 2018
President, Central US
(2013 to 2018)
Senior Vice President
(2010 to 2013)
Career Timeline
to 2017
Masters of Business
Career Timeline
Surterre Properties
Ken Robertson - Our Story


Ken Robertson
Our Story


At nine years old, Ken remembers living on a golf course in the suburbs of San Francisco. He'd wake up early to set up his lemonade stand under an old oak tree on the 9th hole tee box.

"I loved the process of getting ready, searching for lost golf balls and tee's to sell the week before. I'd clean them up, repaint the wooden tees and display them carefully in old egg cartons. When I was ready, I'd wheel it all out in a wagon from my house a few doors down. We had fresh-made lemonade, sodas and my dad would sometimes stock us with some beers to sell. I enjoyed every part of it. The preparation, making everything look beautiful, the pride of ownership, and greeting the golfers."

This love for personal interaction has, more than anything else, guided Ken's professional path and created unique opportunities for success in a real estate career that has spanned over 25 years.

"Like lemonade stands, real estate is a people business, so finding ways to better serve, communicate and interact with people is what it's all about. Those same lemonade stand principles of preparation, delighting the customer, loving what we do are core values which drive our business today."

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What Our Clients
Are Saying
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  • A True Partner

    “Working with Ken is a delightful, no stress experience. No pressure. His market and transaction expertise is top notch. Most importantly, we found Ken to be committed to a long term business partnership regardless of the challenges and pitfalls common to many real estate transactions. Ken’s our guy. We won’t work with any other realtor again!” Mary and Mike Macie, clients since 1997 (when we first met Ken).

  • Outperforms Expectations

    I've worked with Ken in multiple capacities and he always proves out to be someone who outperforms expectations. He works with the client’s needs in the forefront, which leads to positive outcome for anyone working with him. Chris Marquis

  • Ken is Everything you can ask for in a real estate professional

    Trustworthy, a strong negotiator, and “tell it like it is” honestly - all while being kind - truly rare! He made us comfortable with every step, took time to answer all our questions and moved at a pace we felt comfortable with. We are so happy to have had Ken as our partner!! Caroline Pereira and Matt Collins-Williams

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